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Armoring services with Defence Group Technologies

Depending on the level of protection desired and required purpose, we offer immediate armoring solutions in the form of vehicular armoring kits, protective glass film laminates, and personal protection products. Our easy and accessible solutions are created with some of the highest-grade materials available on the market and are tested in accordance with NIJ standards.

The safety and security of our customers and their employees is something that is taken seriously by everyone at Defence Group Technologies. We take pride in our range of defense solutions and are confident in our ability to provide a comprehensive level of protection that will help secure the life and security of every individual who relies on our products and all those whom they are looking to protect.

Defence Group Technologies uses rigorous and calculated testing procedures to ensure that our products uphold the ability to provide the highest level of safety under various circumstances. Multiple tests are undergone for each product to test the capabilities of our solutions and their protection abilities.

Armoring Kits
Protective Glass Services

Personal Protection 

Offering a Range of Protection
NIJ Ballistic Levels

Defence Group Technologies Research & Development Lab

We're dedicated to providing you with the safety you need in the most accessible forms. Depending on the level of protection required we offer defense solutions that provide safety at various levels.

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Certified Agencies

Armoring Kits

Defence Group Technologies is dedicated to providing accessible vehicle and personal protection security solutions that fit our clients and their everyday needs.

Our specialized ‘Vehicle Armoring Kits’ have been researched and developed to be a simple and discrete defense option that provides armoring solutions capable of up to level IIIA protection at an affordable price point. The kits have been specially created to provide a vehicle armoring solution that is hidden, less intrusive, and more accessible compared to traditional vehicle armoring methods.

With our current vehicle offerings, each kit contains the pre-cut panels required to provide a comprehensive range of protection within the vehicle doors. The kits can be installed through our partnering autobody shops or any autobody shop with instructions.

Ballistic Glass

Defence Group Technologies specializes in the supply and installation of security films for all your requirements. The transparent multi-layer security film can be retrofitted to all glazing types with a plain surface, be it regular float, annealed, tempered, laminated, or sealed chambers. In addition, the film protects the interiors by its integrated UV inhibitors


We are dedicated to providing vehicle and personal protection security solutions according to the individual needs of our clients. We provide a unique product that helps reduce the risk of serious or fatal injuries from security threats. With our partners in South Africa, we have combined experience of over 20 years to enable us to provide quality security solutions that our clients require. We offer a comprehensive security laminate (Profilon Security Film) of the highest standard for building complexes and vehicles for individuals and corporate bodies. Profilon security film offers maximum glass protection through its certified impact resistance properties. Rated as the strongest film globally.

Personal Protection

Defence Group Technologies is dedicated to providing accessible personal protection and security solutions that fit our clients and their everyday needs.

The DGT Backpack & Bag Protective Insert allows you to make any of your pre-owned bags into a personal defense solution capable of up to Level IIIA protection. With our 10 x 13” panels you can quickly and easily transform any bag you own including your backpack, tactical bag, athletics bag, briefcase, purse, and luggage into a lightweight and secure personal protection option. 

With our lightweight and flexible design, the panel slides seamlessly into the majority of bags and can fit snuggly into most laptop pockets, providing our clients with discrete and non-intrusive protection in their everyday lives. The panels are weather-sealed and durable, as well as simple to insert and remove into various bags depending on your daily needs.

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