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Glass Film Laminate

Glass Film Laminate

Defence Group Technologies specializes in the supply and installation of security films for all your requirements. The transparent multi-layer security film can be retrofitted to all glazing types with a plain surface, be it regular float, annealed, tempered, laminated, or sealed chambers. In addition, the film protects the interiors by its integrated UV inhibitors


We are dedicated to providing vehicle and personal protection security solutions according to the individual needs of our clients. We provide a unique product that helps reduce the risk of serious or fatal injuries from security threats. With our partners in South Africa, we have combined experience of over 20 years to enable us to provide quality security solutions that our clients require. We offer a comprehensive security laminate (Profilon Security Film) of the highest standard for building complexes and vehicles for individuals and corporate bodies. Profilon security film offers maximum glass protection through its certified impact resistance properties. Rated as the strongest film globally.

Our Profilon security film helps in securing building glass doors, windows, and car windows worldwide. It is resistant to attacks and incursions such as

- Explosions

- Sudden Impact
- Forced Entry
- Natural Disasters
- Smash and Grab

+ More

Our Glass Film Laminate can provide protection for all of your needs from vehicles to buildings and more. 

For Vehicles and Buildings


Building and Vehicle Windows

- Instant Protection on any Glass Surface

- Deters Forced Entry Attempts  
- Various Levels of Protection Offered


Shopfronts and Office Buildings

- Impact Resistance Properties

- High-Quality and Professional Finish
- Weather and Debris Protection


High-Value Protection

Discrete and Seamless Protection

- Explosion Resistance Properties
- Deterrent to Smash-and-Grab

Solutions for All Your Needs

AX-A1 Impact-Resistant Film

PROFILON® AX A1 is a 3-ply security film with impact resistant properties protecting glass in cases of smash-and-grab, vandalism and attacks with incendiary devices. Additionally, the laminate offers explosion resistant properties and is hardly flammable in conformity with DIN 4102-1 class B1.

AX A1 Impact-Resistant Film provides:

- Impact resistance properties
- Explosion resistance properties
- Deterrent to smash-and-grab
- Splinter retention
- Reduction of the spreading of fire (no fuming)
- UV absorption

Further details and specifications for this product:

FF Facade Safety Film

PROFILON® FF is a highly flexible, multi-ply facade safety film. It holds panes of toughened glass in place in the event of spontaneous glass breakage, preventing them from falling and thus reducing the risk of injury to people and damage to property. PROFILON® FF is fire-resistant according to DIN 4102-1 Class B1.

FF Facade Safety Film provides:

- glass splinters retention
- explosion resistance
- delays the spread of fire (no smoke)
- UV absorption

Further details and specifications for this product:

P3A Resistive Security Film

PROFILON® P3A is certified to perform extremely well in terms of intruder and explosion resistance. It has a high shatter retention performance. It offers optimum protection against smash-and-grab burglary, vandalism and 􀁐Molotov cocktails.

P3A Resistive Security Film provides:

- high intrusion resistance
- Explosion resistance
- efficient against smash-and-grab burglary
- good shatter retention
- mitigates flashovers (no smoke development)
- UV absorption

Further details and specifications for this product:

P4A High-Resistance Film

PROFILON® P4A is an extremely high-resistance security film that provides optimum protection against break-in, vandalism and incendiary attacks. A test certificate is available that confirms the film’s extremely high protection capability, in line with resistance class P4A, against thrown objects; it also displays a highly reliable anti-splintering effect. In addition, it possesses explosion-resistant properties and is suitable as a retrofit solution for glazing.

P4A High-Resistance Film provides:

- Extremely resistance to thrown objects
- Blast-resistant qualities
- Extremely resistance to smash & grab
- Inhibits airborne splinters
- Inhibits the spread of fire (is not consumed by smoke)
- UV absorption

Further details and specifications for this product:

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