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Vehicle Armoring Kits

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Vehicle Armoring Kits

Defence Group Technologies is dedicated to providing accessible vehicle and personal protection security solutions that fit our clients and their everyday needs.

Our specialized ‘Vehicle Armoring Kits’ have been researched and developed to be a simple and discrete defense option that provides armoring solutions capable of up to level IIIA protection at an affordable price point. The kits have been specially created to provide a vehicle armoring solution that is hidden, less intrusive, and more accessible compared to traditional vehicle armoring methods.

With our current vehicle offerings, each kit contains the pre-cut panels required to provide a comprehensive range of protection within the vehicle doors. The kits can be installed through our partnering autobody shops or any autobody shop with instructions.

Defence Group Technologies

Specifications & Details

Easy Application

  • Specialized vehicle kits ensure perfect fitting defence panels for your vehicle

  • Researched and tested in our development lab for easy installation

High Levels of Protection

  • Developed in the United States and tested in accordance to NIJ standards

  • Panels offer up to level IIIA / B3a protection

Current Supported Vehicles:

  • Chevy Tahoe

  • GMC Yukon 

  • Dodge Charger

Product Features:

  • Measured templates provide a perfect fit

  • Ultra-thin, lightweight, and weatherproof

  • Tested with NIJ Level IIIA standards for handgun protection

  • Can be installed by any Bodyshop with ease

  • Available in additional vehicle models by inquiry

  • Manufactured in the USA

Proven Design:

  • Lightweight and flexible 

  • Able to fit comfortably in specified modelsWeatherproof and sealed

  • Discrete and hidden

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Installation Required

Alternate vehicles available upon request

Manufactured in the USA

 Protection Levels

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Our standard armoring provides NIJ level IIIA tested protection but if required we can offer upgraded options to provide higher-level protection and armoring to your vehicle.

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