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Backpack & Bag Protective Insert

Defence Group Technologies is dedicated to providing accessible personal protection and security solutions that fit our clients and their everyday needs.

The DGT Backpack & Bag Protective Insert allows you to make any of your pre-owned bags into a personal defense solution capable of up to Level IIIA protection. With our 10 x 13” panels you can quickly and easily transform any bag you own including your backpack, tactical bag, athletics bag, briefcase, purse, and luggage into a lightweight and secure personal protection option. 

With our lightweight and flexible design, the panel slides seamlessly into the majority of bags and can fit snuggly into most laptop pockets, providing our clients with discrete and non-intrusive protection in their everyday lives. The panels are weather-sealed and durable, as well as simple to insert and remove into various bags depending on your daily needs.

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$120.00 USD

10 x 13" Panel Bag Insert

Product Features:

  • Semi-flexible structure provides versatile fit

  • Ultra-thin, lightweight, and weatherproof

  • Tested with NIJ Level IIIA standards for handgun protection

  • 10 x 13" fits most bag types and sizes

  • Available in multiple sizes by inquiry

  • Manufactured in the USA

Proven Design:

  • Lightweight and flexible 

  • Able to fit in backpacks, bags, purses, briefcases, carry-ons, and luggage

  • Travel-safe and unintrusive

  • Weatherproof and sealed

  • Discrete black covering

Bag Insert table.png

Bag not included*

Alternate sizing available upon request

Manufactured in the USA

 Protection Levels

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