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Defence Group Technologies

Providing you with safety and piece of mind

Defence Group Technologies is a company specializing in accessible and highly-effective protection products. We are dedicated to providing vehicle, property, and personal protection solutions that fit all the individual needs of our clients.

Defence Group Technologies is a fast-growing and dynamic company that is working to innovate and provide new defence solutions that are accessible and backed by our comprehensive research processes.

With the combined experience of over 30 years and with its three subsidiaries (Defence Group Technologies LLC- USA, Defence Group Technologies (PTY) Ltd- South Africa and Defence Technologies Limited-Ghana), we have been active in the total protection of people and property. The company has been involved both public and private projects, and these include retail outlets, government agencies, financial institutions, global corporations, and high-profile individuals all over the world.


What We Do

For us, It’s all about the process and ensuring that we provide the best overall protection possible, whatever the requirements may be.


We at Defence Group Technologies take pride in our approach to seamless and discrete protection products that can provide our clients with safety and peace of mind. We strive to provide armoring solutions that are able to fit non-intrusively into your everyday lives, leaving you with an underlying confidence and sense of security for you and your loved ones.

Ensuring Your Safety with High Quality Products

Defence Group recognizes quality and safety as an integral part of its business. Hence, all our products are certified by the world top certification organizations, which signifies the company’s commitment to continuously provide the best services and also to deliver high quality standards to its customers.

The products we currently list are ones we proudly endorse as high-quality defence solutions that provide you with everyday safety and security.


- Vehicle Armoring Kits

- Protective Glass Film Laminate

-Personal Defence Solutions


Interested in our Defence Solutions?

Check out our products page or contact us to inquire further about any specific requirements you have

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